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Clubs and activities

Mx. Tyson

Rm. 324 A

Anime Club

Ms. Geng

Rm. 304

SAT Math Club

Ms. Petit

Rm 365 B

French Club

Ms. Fowler

Rm. 300

Dance Club

Mr. Owens

Rm. 367

College and Career Club

Ms. Kastenbaum

Rm. 362

Table Top and Role Playing Games

Ms. Taveras

Rm. 384

Social Justice Club

Ms. Reichart

Rm. 300

Poetry Club

Ms. Soni

Rm. 386

Debate Team

Mr. Greenwood

Rm. 383

Comic Book Club

Ms. Bayar

Rm. 324B

National Honor Society

Mr. Zucker

Rm. 350

Theatre Club

Ms. Soni

Rm. 386

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

Ms. Leveque and

Ms. Petit

Rm. 383

Girls' Club

Mr. de Lima Verde &

Ms. Budofsky

Rm. 340

Newspaper Club

Mr. Kelly and

Ms. Sherman

Rm. 362

Gaming and Robotics