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Arts and Tech has a new internship program which was implemented this year. In spring 2022 Arts and Tech piloted a senior internship program where students engaged in paid work based learning activities in different fields. For 2022-2023 we hope to expand these opportunities to include more students and more industries. See more about our internship positions and partners below. 


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Thrive Collective

Internship Positions:

Digital Graphic Marketer

Teacher Assistant 

Thrive Collective creates hope and opportunity through arts, sports, and mentoring in and around public schools. Their core programs – Murals, Music, Media, Mentors, and Sports – connect artists, youth workers, and volunteers with local schools as teaching artists, art directors, coaches, and mentors.


Little Essentials

Internship Positions:


Little Essentials offers at-risk families living in poverty urgently needed children’s supplies and parenting education to promote the health, well-being and safety of their children under five years of age.

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Project Find

Internship position:

Nursing Home Volunteer Intern

Project FIND’s mission is to provide low- and moderate-income and homeless seniors with the services and support they need to enrich their lives and live independently.


YMCA of Greater NY

Internship Position: 

Counselor intern

Founded in 1852, today the Y serves a diverse population of more than half a million New Yorkers who learn, grow, and thrive through programs and services at their 24 branches.

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at


The New Jewish Home

Internship Position:
Support Care Intern

The New Jewish Home is a comprehensive health care system for older adults. They provide health and rehabilitation care that meets the evolving needs of people as they age; we take pride in serving New Yorkers of all faiths, ages, races and genders.


High School of Law, Advocacy and Criminal Justice

Internship Position:

Support Aide

A high school located on the MLK campus specializing in the study, inquiry, and advocacy of law, requiring students' involvement in community service, thus enabling them to realize their individual potential throughout the greater community.

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[Our  Arts and Tech intern] has a great work ethic and takes initiative. From the first day, he’s jumped in to learning some new things that he continues to incorporate in his work. Though he’s been focusing more on visual work, he also has had some great copywriting.  He’s got many ideas, easily picks up on new tasks and works well in a collaborative space, which we encourage at our organization. 


"To put it simply, [our Arts and Tech intern] has been excellent from day one. He's always on time. He engages with the students in an effective way. He's communicative and he's used his expertise exceedingly well. I'm very excited about his future."


[Our Arts and Tech intern]  brings great energy to our sessions and into her work. They are honest and a good communicator, both in sharing ideas, critiques and reaching out for support on certain tasks. They have some good approaches to our visual work and are diligent in the minutiae of the more behind the scenes work, like research or troubleshooting data. 

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