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english department


Mr. Breitkopf
9th grade ELA


Ms. Soni
10th grade ELA


Mr. Cartano
11th grade ELA / AP Lang


Mr. Greenwood
12th grade ELA

9th Grade English

This course is designed give the students initial preparation for the Regents exam by teaching essential language skills and familiarizing the students with the Common Core language standards and help them to develop critical reading and thinking skills. This class will also prepare the students for college–level reading, writing, and analytical thinking in addition to everyday practical skills. We will be using a collection of books encompassing both fiction and non-fiction readings. This class will help students develop their expository, argumentative, analytic, and descriptive writing skills. In addition, there will be a focus on building grammar and vocabulary. This class is also paired with several other subject and there will be interdisciplinary subjects and topics within the class discussions and readings. We will be exploring past politics and how our current and future politics are being dictated. How do these issues effect us? Our communities? Our society? And our world as a whole. Students will use their lessons to understand their role as a member of various groups and communities and the different types of contributions they can make to the world.

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